Cycle with us from London to Portsmouth in aid Renewable Energy resources for Al - Karama Hospital in Gaza Palestine.

Whether your a complete beginner or advanced cyclist our training program will have you ready to do this.

The Palestinians living in Gaza are considered to be some of the most oppressed people on the face of the earth. Their movement is restricted, they have little access to essential resources, food supply is limited, clean water is hard to access for the majority of the population and healthcare which is in constant demand is affected by a lack of medication, equipment and power cuts. 

The solar power project that we have launched with Islamic Help will support the Al-Karama hospital in the North of Gaza. This hospital has been supported by Islamic Help in the past with medical supplies however one of the urgent needs of the hospital is a constant supply of electricity. At the moment when there is a power cut the hospital relies on back-up generators which are expensive to run on diesel and to maintain. 

To solve this problem, Islamic Help plans to install solar panels at the Al Karama hospital, this will provide the hospital with free, renewable energy and reduce their dependency on diesel generators which also have a negative impact on the environment. Also funds which would have been spent on diesel for the generators can now be spent on improving patient care.