Did you know?

  • An increasing number of people are becoming terminally ill, put in care and reaching end of life. Black, Minority and Ethnic BME communities who previously enjoyed strong families bonds are increasingly suffering alone, despite receiving care and treatment.

  • Traditional extended families are becoming strained due to younger generations becoming busy with work, education, overcrowding housing conditions or the complex nature of ill health of their loved ones. Often the sick and elderly are left alone in institutions or homes.

  • Medical practitioners often give priority to clinical care and most institutions are not familiar or have the resources to provide care to accommodate the patient’s cultural, spiritual and social needs.

Eden Care offers friendship, care and sense of belonging to members of our community who are terminally ill and reaching end of life.

  • Through friendship provide dignity, care and sense of self-worth

  • Advocate for quality of care & enhance life choices

  • Support families with burial plan

Reg Fee £25

Target £150

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