Join us for an incredible seminar that covers the life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) from His birth to His status as a husband, father and leader of the Ummah!

The seminar will be delivered by the world renowned Shaykh Riad Ouarzazi (Canada), hosted by the brilliant Faraz Yousufzai with nasheeds from our talented brother Faisal Salah.

The topics we will cover during the seminar are:

  • Why we should love him

  • his birth

  • his merit

  • as a role model

  • as a prophet

  • as a husband

  • as a father

  • his diet

  • his description [Shamaail]

We want everyone to benefit from this in depth and exciting seminar so please share the poster and booking link with your family.

Birth of a HeroSeminar

Sheikh Riad Ouarzazi (Canada)