The Aim of 3 Cities is to cycle across the whole of Europe within a number of years, as well as raising funds for charity. 3 cities started in 2014 where a team of ten cyclists rode from London to The Hague (Holland) and then to Brussels (Belgium). In 2015 the Brothers got back on their bikes and started where they left off. From Brussels (Belgium) we cycled through Holland, arriving at Cologne (Germany) before finally completing the challenge in Luxembourg City.

This Year we will be starting off in Luxemburg City going to Strasbourg (France) before finally finishing in Basel (Switzerland). The 3 Cities charity cycle is a wonderful experience and a fabulous challenge. Cycling for three days you will cover approximately 250 miles. A challenge like this is not just about distances covered , it is about group work, friendship and more importantly the spirit of brotherhood, as all previous riders will no doubt testify.

This year, we are fundraising to the Syrian Birth Appeal. For Syrian families already struggling against the hardships they face as refugees, the arrival of a new-born is not only a time of joy but also concern. 


Many – especially those in unofficial refugee camps – face shortages of the essentials of life including food, water and shelter. With little or no financial support and the lack of medical facilities, the birth of a child not only places additional burdens on a family but brings with it the risk of endangering the baby’s life and that of the mother. Even for those who are in refugee camps set up by international aid agencies or governments, or fortunate to be taken to hospital, the lack of financial help places further stress on them.

Jordan houses nearly 3 million refugees, of which 630,000 are Syrians who have fled the conflict in their nation. It's estimated that on average 30 babies are born every day to Syrian refugee women in Jordan and a further 40 born every day into Syrian refugee families in Lebanon.

The ride will bring together people from many different backgrounds, each with their individual reasons for taking up the challenge and fundraising. Over the three days you will meet different people, exchange stories and ideas and make new friends while completing a truly unforgettable cycle experience.

If you have not cycled much before or believe yourself to be out of shape, please do not worry. We will ensure that everyone can take part and everyone completes the journey.  A lot of ground work  and preparation will be done a before we embark on our journey so that you will be more than capable of cycling the distances  each day and the team spirit will certainly carry you through. The entire journey is covered by our support vehicle so there is never any danger of being left behind. Each night we will eat and rest together and share our stories.

The route is planned to ensure that you see as much of the European countryside as possible. We will travel through some of the most picturesque parts of Europe. The 3 Cities Ride is like no other, so please join us for the ride!

The registration fee will cover the following:
   Transportation of your bike
   Support vehicle along the journey


The Fundraising Target is £1500


Dates 22nd Oct - 26th Oct